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Misha M'Poyo, also known under the nickname "MiShenron", is a Graphic designer living in Brussels (BELGIUM) and Paris (FRANCE)  and  working most of the time as a Concept Artist, Illustrator, Illustrator and draftsman and Character Designer.


His works are  video game orientated but can also be part of a 3D animation movie production : 3D modelling, Character designing, Illustrations, Conceptual sketches, Artworks.


Mishenron can also work as a creative for companies in order to help them finding a visual identity by creating logos.


His creative range is large and variated but he’s well known for his Manga drawing skills which are impressive.  However Mishenron’s a very open minded artist and never hestitates to put his style aside in order to fit production’s requirements.  Located and working in Brussels he would be happy to travel and become part of a new team in any company that would love to have him as a full time artist.  His very good knowledge of English, Spanish, Dutch, French(mother language) and soon Italian and Japanese will allow your team to communicate with a lot of other collaborators and artists from other countries in order to get the best of any work in progress.


Youtube channel :

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